The Qualifications for Arab Leadership

Yasser Arafat: Chairman of the PLO, founder of Fatah, lifelong terrorist, murderer, liar, crook, hater of Jews. He was driven out of Jordan after a bloody attempt to take over that country, after gaining fame and experience as a mass murderer backed by Russia. He and his group then went to Lebanon, where they helped almost bring down that country in the Lebanese Civil war. Then he ran to several other Islamic countries until he was invited by Israel, under pressure from the US, to make his next terror base in Israel. This was called a peace process. In Israel he, his wife and family became rich through organized crime and embezzling, and killed many Arabs as well as Jews. His most famous relative was the Mufti of Jerusalem who was a close ally of Hitler during WWII, helping import Muslim troops to fight for Hitler and encouraging the Holocaust.

Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas):One of Arafat’s lieutenants in Fatah throughout his career, until Arafat finally died. Abu Mazen financed Yassir Arafat’s attack on the Israeli athletes at the Munich olympic games in 1972. He was educated in Syria as a lawyer and got a doctorate in Russia where he wrote a dissertation saying that Zionists helped cause and benefit from Hitler’s Holocaust, and that not as many people were killed as was claimed. Abu Mazen has taken the public stance of preferring to use law, agreements and publicity to end Israel rather than direct attacks. However, he also frequently incites and manipulates the Arab public to violence against Jews. He is considered a statesman by the US, EU an UN. He and his relatives and friends have also become wealthy in Yasser Arafat’s organized crime enterprise.

Marwan Barghouti: Convicted of 5 terrorist murders in Israel, and founder of the Al Aqsa Brigades, which is devoted to killing Jews. He was a major instigator of both the 1st and 2nd “intifadas” and called for the 3rd this year. He is very popular among Arabs with those high qualifications, and is also respected by Israeli leftists.

Muqata in the Jewish Press
Lahav and Lankari murdered by dead PA minister
Boaz Lahav (16) and David Lankri (14) – murdered by PA Minister Ziad abu Ein in 1979.

Who was this Minister of Rage, Ziad abu Ein, and what did he do to qualify for his position as a senior minister in the PA?

He didn’t do anything unusual for a Palestinian Authority Minister.

In 1979, Ziad abu Ein planted a bomb in a garbage pail in Tiberias, murdering two teenagers, Boaz Lahav (16) and David Lankri (14). 32 people were injured.

In 1982, he was sentenced to life in jail, after being extradited from the US.

But he only served 3 years.

He was released in the Jibril Rajoub prisoner swap in 1985.

Hence his qualifications to be a PA minister – he was a child killer.

His heart attack came 35 years too late, and it’s a shame this terrorist wasn’t actually beaten up by IDF soldiers.

Good riddance.

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