Albuquerque Mosque Anti-Israel Protest 2009

2 flags fightIn 2009, during Israel’s Cast Lead operation in Gaza, Muslims and anti-Israel groups held protests against Israel around the world, including several in Albuquerque, NM. On January 16, 2009 our pro-Israel group set up a small pro-Israel rally in front of the UNM bookstore. Our demonstration had been going peacefully for about an hour when a large group from the local mosque and their left wing anti-Israel friends arrived on the scene, hesitated for only a moment, and over ran us.

The police, who were monitoring the demonstration, made us move for our own protection, since we were a small and orderly group while the Muslims were a large screaming mob.

This happened five years ago and the mosque has not directly sponsored such virulent protests since then. However, these types of protests are still fairly frequent in Albuquerque, now being run mainly by the Students for Justice in Palestine, which is encouraged by the mosque and the Muslim Students Association, approved of by UNM and the old timers of the local left wing “peace and justice” groups, some faculty members from liberal arts departments in New Mexico colleges and student anarchists in left wing student groups.

What do you see? A small group of Zionists vs. a large group of Jew haters. This is the normal arrangement.

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