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07/07/2015 10:30 PM
Analysis: Colonel’s promotion signals all clear on controversial Hannibal Protocol incident
The Hannibal Protocol supposedly allows commanders to take aggressive action, including endangering the life of a captured soldier, to foil the capture.

07/07/2015 09:03 PM
NGO: Israel forces migrants to choose between leaving for Rwanda or indefinite prison
According to Hotline for Refugees and Migrants the State has invented a new loophole so it can detain migrants indefinitely in the Saharonim closed detention center.

07/07/2015 06:08 PM
40% of Israeli children in Gaza border town of Sderot suffer from anxiety, PTSD
“The ongoing situation in Sderot causes PTSD at a rate three or four times greater than that of the rest of the country,” expert says.

07/07/2015 05:37 PM
Profile: Young women immigrants serving in an IDF combat unit
It was not until 2000 that women were allowed to serve in artillery, infantry, and navy combat units.

07/07/2015 11:36 PM
Democracy and geography as common denominators
“Together, all humanity, share a common future and we must work to try and shape it together," Rivlin says.