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05/05/2015 05:56 AM
NGO files petition to High Court against Deri’s return as minister
The petition filed to the High Court noted that “the name of the former interior minister is engraved with shame in the chronicles of the State of Israel."

05/05/2015 05:03 AM
In wake of last year's war in Gaza, Defense Ministry ramps up orders for new APCs
Following Operation Protective Edge, new APCs will come with Rafael's Trophy active protection system; Israel signs 310 million dollar contract with General Dynamics.

05/05/2015 03:29 AM
Judge allows right-wing activist Yehuda Glick to return to Temple Mount
Conditions stipulate Glick can only visit once a month, without a cell phone

05/05/2015 02:27 AM
Security forces arrest Arab Israeli dentist suspected of being Hamas money man
Kfar Kana resident allegedly transferred large funds from Hamas in Gaza to Hamas in the West Bank, ignored warnings from Shin Bet.

05/05/2015 01:07 AM
Olmert to judges: 'The real punishment is the shame. What do I say to my grandchild.'
First time Olmert's team admits: No need to punish Olmert harshly to deter him - "he's lost his world, he has no public future."