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08/03/2015 02:19 PM
Former security officials call on Netanyahu to begin diplomatic initiative
The security officials call for special security assistance to Israel in order to guarantee its qualitative military advantage.

08/03/2015 01:31 PM
Jerusalem parade victim laid to rest as thousands mourn
"Shira joined the parade in the name of the values ​​in which she believed – tolerance, equality, hope, and love," said Rivlin.

08/03/2015 11:46 AM
Grandson of ultra-nationalist arrested for involvement in Jewish underground
The arrest came as the government approved harsher measures against Jewish extremists following a firebomb attack that killed a Palestinian baby in the West Bank village of Duma on Friday.

08/03/2015 10:12 AM
State orders criminal probe of suspects who posted video of Netanyahu, Rivlin in Nazi garb
Man banned by judge from FB for incitement, switches to WhatsApp and is rearrested

08/03/2015 03:05 PM
Ashdod's preseason soccer match in Bulgaria turns ugly