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07/05/2015 01:10 PM
Rivlin tells Arab journalists: We must be Israelis not Jews or Arabs
Rivlin urges Israel's Arab population not to think of itself as a separate entity making a distinction between Arabs and Jews.

07/05/2015 11:28 AM
‘IMAGINE’ design competition for Genesis Prize statuette announced
The winner of the competition, entitled, IMAGINE: The Genesis Prize Design Competition, will be chosen by a committee of experts in the world of fine arts.

07/05/2015 09:37 AM
State to Supreme Court: Give Olmert another 6 months in prison
The state’s request on Sunday was a partial response to Olmert’s Thursday appeal of his conviction and of the prison sentence to the Supreme Court.

07/05/2015 08:27 AM
Director-general of Al-Midan Theater steps down
Culture Ministry: Theater is managed by group that works against Israel.

07/05/2015 12:59 PM
MKs on Left and Right slam Ghattas for calling Binyamin Brigade Commander ‘murderer’
Soldiers who shoot at rock throwers are accused of being "trigger happy."