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07/30/2015 09:57 AM
Police: Man stabs six people at Jerusalem gay pride parade
The assailant, a Jewish man, was arrested; two seriously injured in attack.

07/30/2015 09:52 AM
Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Shalom Cohen instructs yeshiva students not to enlist in army
Cohen’s letter comes against a background of increasing activity against IDF enlistment by extremists in the haredi community.

07/30/2015 09:01 AM
Lehava accuses homosexuals of harming Jewish nation, ahead of Jerusalem pride parade
Meir David Koperschmidt of the anti-assimilation Lehava group equates homosexuality with bank robbery, in interview with 'The Jerusalem Post.'

07/30/2015 08:38 AM
Antiquities theft thwarted near Beit Shemesh in late night helicopter chase
63 coins, 2000 years old, recovered

07/30/2015 08:16 AM
'Abbas significantly contributing to stability' in West Bank, senior security source says
Although security coordination remains good, PA leadership unhappy about Israeli steps to ease conditions for Palestinians, which remove motivation to participate in demonstrations.