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07/06/2015 05:39 PM
Analysis: Making sense of Germany’s vote against Israel in the UN Human Rights Council
While Germany and Israel mark 50 years of cooperation, Germany’s readiness to participate in anti-Israel demonization taking place in the UN and similar venues is a growing source of friction.

07/06/2015 01:36 PM
Reshet Bet: Despite law, minorities continue to be underrepresented in government offices
Both the National Council for the Prevention of Road Accidents and the Israel Securities Authority did not employee any Ethiopian Israelis or Druse last year, the report reveals.

07/06/2015 01:19 PM
Greek FM; Israel one of Greece's closest friends in world, 'certainly in the region'
Steinitz, Shalom express support for gas pipeline from Israel to Greece

07/06/2015 12:50 PM
Analysis: When a top cop takes his life, it’s a painful, traumatic blow to the entire police force
Something about this tragedy should leave a scar that will be far more painful to heal.

07/06/2015 03:51 PM
Casspi to remain in Sacramento with new two-year deal
The first Israeli in the NBA agrees to a new two-year $6 million deal with the Sacramento Kings.