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05/28/2015 10:09 AM
Final deliberations commence on controversial east Jerusalem archeology center
Proposed Kedem Center receives widespread support from mayor Barkat and international luminaries, is condemned by left-wing NGO as ‘Judiaizing’ east Jerusalem.

05/28/2015 09:53 AM
Heavy dust pollution on Thursday following Wednesday’s heat wave
A hazy Thursday followed a daylong heat wave in which temperatures rose to 44° Celsius in some areas of the country, igniting fires that damaged several homes and infrastructural facilities.

05/28/2015 09:31 AM
Court bars rabbi accused of running cult out of Jerusalem seminary from teaching women
Judge: Aaron Ramati may not instruct female students for 70 days, pending imminent indictment.

05/28/2015 08:59 AM
Tel Aviv Mayor Huldai: Israel should follow Ireland’s lead on gay marriage
At launch of Tel Aviv’s Pride festival, municipal leader tells 'Post' Israel should put same-sex marriage to popular vote by referendum.

05/28/2015 08:17 AM
Liberman and Bennett rally to Riskin’s support, call on chief rabbinate to back down
The Council of the Chief Rabbinate decides to summon Riskin for a hearing before deciding whether or not to grant a five year extension to his tenure as municipal chief rabbi of Efrat.