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03/02/2015 02:26 PM
Histadrut activists bring ICL protest to Rothschild tent city
The unions have demonstrated in cities across the South and Jerusalem in the past week, sometimes shutting down major intersections.

03/02/2015 02:05 PM
Recovering US veterans meet IDF counterparts
‘When I hear them talk about what happened to them, I feel like they are telling my story’

03/02/2015 01:11 PM
Analysis: Netanyahu's speech to Congress is Purim on the Potomac
Nentanyahu views that his destiny is to protect the Jewish state, and -- by extension -- the future of the Jews. In his mind, this is why he was fated to come to power. Nothing less.

03/02/2015 12:42 PM
Egged Taavura bus driver strikes leave passengers stranded around the country
Toward the formulation of a new collective agreement, the Egged Taavura workers committee had submitted a list containing more than 60 demands to the company's management.

03/02/2015 12:00 PM
US-Israel intel cooperation on Iran's nuclear program has been stopped, Ch. 10 reports
The reported halt in intelligence cooperation comes amid tensions over Iran talks, Netanyahu's speech to Congress.