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02/12/2016 01:18 AM
Haredi protester burns Reform prayer book at Western Wall
According to a press release from Women of Reform Judaism condemning the incident, the man was stopped by police but allowed to stay at the site.

02/11/2016 05:51 PM
Police look to appoint first Muslim deputy commissioner
Deputy commissioner is the second-highest rank in the Israel Police, and is typically held by a district commander or head of a police branch.

02/11/2016 04:54 PM
Court: Reform, Conservative can use public mikvaot for conversion
Until now, the local religious councils, which operate the public mikvaot within their regional jurisdictions, would not allow non-Orthodox converts to use them.

02/11/2016 04:21 PM
Social historians, sociologists and nanoscientists awarded Dan David prize
The international prize, headquartered in Tel Aviv University, makes three annual awards of $1 million for outstanding scientific, technological, cultural or social achievements.

02/12/2016 07:02 AM
Israel, Russia reportedly say 'Da' to free trade agreement
According to Russia’s deputy agriculture minister, Sergey Levin, discussions on the matter with his Israeli counterparts have progressed to the point where an agreement is expected to be reached.