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06/24/2016 11:00 PM
Israel grants first Darfuri refugee status, after year of legal battles
Mutasim Ali becomes the first Darfuri to attain such status in Israel under the 1951 Refugee Convention.

06/23/2016 06:42 PM
Workplace ethnic discrimination complaints surge 146%
“Diversity is important in the labor market to both society and the economy and I call on employers to incorporate excluded populations so as to reduce social gaps,” Netanyahu said.

06/23/2016 10:57 AM
Activists warmly welcome right for women to immerse in mikva alone
In recent years, a small number of women have insisted on their rights to use public mikvas without the presence of a mikva attendant.

06/23/2016 10:43 AM
The opposition who cried wolf: Why the new Likud bill is no threat to democracy
With a new controversial Likud bill limiting MKs’ standing in the High Court, the Left needs to remember that it doesn’t own democracy.

06/24/2016 02:28 PM
Simply the best
‘Orange Is the New Black’ is as good as it gets.