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09/25/2016 05:38 AM
US Orthodox rabbinical association: Chief Rabbinate behavior ‘a disgrace’
Normative Jewish law states that if after converting a convert subsequently fails to fulfill all the religious commandments he nevertheless remains Jewish.

09/25/2016 03:05 AM
Trial of former IDF soldiers for killing of Palestinian teen goes on as A-G rejects deal
Decision to nix freezing of proceedings was made in order to save the state from public hearings over embarrassing information and over its classified rules of engagement.

09/24/2016 03:15 PM
Christian, Jewish and Muslim youth from Jerusalem take a stand in the Old City
According to Kids4Peace Jerusalem, the tour was meant to provide Jerusalem youths with a multi-narrative educational tour and to guide participants “toward overcoming collective fears."

09/24/2016 10:31 AM
Norwegian theater boycott call prompts Nazi comparisons from Israel
The State of Israel is "demanding the Norwegian National Theater clearly renounce the video and remove it from all sites immediately."

09/24/2016 03:24 PM
Netanyahu to ask Clinton, Trump to oppose one-sided resolutions against Israel
Netanyahu has taken great pains to remain outside of this campaign, especially following his experience during the last campaign, when the widely accepted perception was that he favored Mitt Romney.