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05/30/2016 05:42 PM
For female same-sex couples, gender wage gap a double whammy
Study suggests that difference, in part, due to “work intensity,”

05/30/2016 05:27 PM
Justice Ministry: Fugitive Gavrielov killed himself, was not shot by waiting police
Police have been the subject of criticism in the media since Saturday, due to a gag order that they secured on the case which prevented publishing Gavrielov’s name and photograph.

05/30/2016 04:53 PM
Holocaust survivors gather at Jerusalem Theater, salute Israel
Together with kin, hundreds share their stories about Shoah.

05/30/2016 01:25 PM
Joint taskforce established to examine state of early childhood day care
Leading organizations announced that registration for the upcoming year would re-open on Tuesday.

05/30/2016 07:48 PM
Analysis: A dovish Liberman sings sweetly of two-states
“I absolutely agree that the Arab [Peace] Initiative also has some very, very positive elements that enable a serious dialogue with all our neighbors in the region,” says Liberman.